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Louisiana Film Industry

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Wooly Productions - Where did you go? Jun. 29th, 2008 @ 02:48 pm
According to the nearby billboard, the old Broadmoore Theater was being re-opened by a company called Wooly Productions. The owner of Insomkneeacks said it was to be an independent film theater that sold beer and real food. Then suddenly, it seems they backed out and the place is once again available for lease. What happened? Did anyone else from Baton Rouge notice this?

Support Background Unionization in Louisiana! Jun. 10th, 2008 @ 03:49 pm
Unionized Background Coverage for Louisiana - Immediate Action Required
The current Screen Actors Guild contract will expire June 30, 2008.
Currently there is nothing on the table to make Louisiana a Unionized
Production Area. An initiative has been organized to Unionize Background
Actors in Louisiana in order to keep an everlasting Film presence in
Louisiana. Please help support the working Non-Union Actor by signing
this petition and creating better pay opportunites and health benefits
for working Louisiana Actors.
IMMEDIATE ACTION IS REQUIRED! It will be three years before we get
another chance! You MUST sign the petition today!
Visit: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/SAGLouisiana/
Sign the online petition now!
The petition states:
We, the actors of Louisiana, in order to create a more perfect Union,
demand that the Screen Actors Guild cover background in the state of
I am signing this petition because I am an actor in Louisiana who is
unable to provide substantial income and / or health benefits because of
the current Non-Union Background Coverage situation in Louisiana OR
because I am a supporter of Unionized Background in Louisiana.
We, the actors of Louisiana, demand the Screen Actors Guild negotiate
Background Coverage in Louisiana for the upcoming contract starting July
1, 2008.
Please help spread the word! If Louisiana actors are EVER going to make
it in this industry they are eventually going to have to become
Unionized. Here is OUR chance to do that! Sign the online petition by


New Orleans Hipsters Gather at Alt. Media. Expo Feb. 19th, 2008 @ 12:55 am
Attention anyone interested in comics, books, magazines, fashion, photography, art, film, and crafts by local New Orleans writers and artists:

The 2008 Alternative Media Expo, brought to you by Antigravity Magazine, will take place on Saturday, Feb. 23 from 12noon to 7pm at the Contemporary Arts Center (900 Camp Street in New Orleans; 504-528-3800).

Come check out over 80 exhibitors; enjoy Abita Beer and PJ’s Coffee. Admission is just $5 at the door.

For more info on the Expo, check out http://www.antigravitymagazine.com

AuthorViews, Inc., a proud sponsor of this year's Expo, will be interviewing and filming authors, artists, etc. at the event FOR FREE!

If you are interested in having an AuthorViews video made, please make a reservation ASAP because we fill up quickly. Reservations come in 30-minute blocks on the hour and half hour. We schedule reservations on a first come, first served basis, and we always "sell out," so please book your reservation soon. Walk-ins at the event are welcome, but only if there's space available.

To see what AuthorViews is about, check out http://www.AuthorViews.com. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a reservation, please email info@authorviews.com or call 504-342-4806.

Steve O'Keefe
AuthorViews: On a Mission to Film Every Author on Earth!

Happy VD!! Feb. 15th, 2008 @ 02:47 am
"I Can't Give You Anything But Love"!!!

A Preservation Hall Jazz Band and New Orleans Bingo! Show video Valentine.

As sung by Clint Maedgen, with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Featuring Fleur de Tease, The Camel Toe Lady-Steppers and the Noisician Coalition. Directed by Clint Maedgen and Ron Rona. Produced by Ben Jaffe.

It's 'EFFING BEAUTIFUL. If you haven't seen it, watch!! And make sure you've seen the "Complicated Life" video too!!

D.I.Y. New Orleans DVDs - buy online for Christmas! Nov. 26th, 2007 @ 09:15 am
Give a Louisiana memory this Christmas... "Only in New Orleans" DVDs are for sale for as little as $5, exclusively from ten18films.com.

** Hear some of Louisiana's most well-known musicains tell their most cherished Mardi Gras memories. Kermit Ruffins, Irma Thomas, Stanton Moore and others explain how they celebrate Carnival. Plus see pre-Katrina footage of the Mardi Gras indians, street jausting in the French Quarter, Frenchmen Street drum circles and more "only in New Orleans" scenes. It's all in DONT WORRY HONEY I LIVE HERE, a film the Times-Picayune describes as "a little miracle." DVD on sale this Christmas for $5.

** Remember when blue tarps covered the city and restaurants only served dinner on paper plates? It was a time most of us will never forget. Hear some of the most passionate supporters of New Orleans speak out on why the city's spirit cannot be washed away. Chris Rose, Angela Hill, Garland Robinette, Irvin Mayfield and others talk about the city they love so much. Also - a VooDoo Ceremony held to protect New Orleans from hurricanes... and a second line to honor those who didn't make it through the storm. Own HEXING A HURRICANE on DVD for $8.

Log on to ten18films.com to order in time for the Holidays!
Other entries
» Red Camera
Anyobody know anything about the red-camera.
I might be directing a production in November usuing one.
» looking for a writing partner?
anyone interested in collaborating on a writing procject?  if so, let me know and we can discuss details....
» "real" New Orleans fans???

I'm a doc filmmaker who is working on a "pro-NOLA" project on Saturday at the game.. I'm hoping to find people who represent what New Orleans is all about. I'm NOT looking for the stereotypical sports fans who paint themselves and wears a foam finger.

Instead I want to find people who are channeling the Spirit of New Orleans on game day (you know who you are)!!

Email me if you'd be interested in swinging by before the game (we'll be set up near the Dome, I'll tell you where) and let me know what you'll be doing to represent NOLA on game day! Don't be shy (after all you could end up on tv!)

email is jeremy@ten18films.com
» New Orleans murders becoming more senseless...
In the sixth New Orleans murder in less than 24 hours, a woman was shot and killed in her home. She was a major influence in the Louisiana film community.

Helen Hill was a mother, a filmmaker, a teacher and an acquiantance of mine. She was one of the nicest people I've ever known. Helen's words, intentions and creative energy are unforgettable. The impact she left on the world appears in memorials printed this weekend in the New York Times, Times-Picayune, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and many others.

Helen's films played across the world. She was a major supporter of ten18films' FLICKER Film Festival. In fact one of her shorts played on our 2003 FLICKER tour. Her husband, Paul Gailunas, performed with his band at ten18films' inaugural FLICKER in 2002, as well as at the premiere of "Don't Worry Honey, I Live Here."

Paul survived three gunshot wounds during the attack upon their Marigny home. He's left town with their two year old, Francis Pop. People who lived near him doubt he'll ever return to the city. He was reluctant to come back after the Hurricane. But Helen was passionate about being in New Orleans to help rebuild. That admirable decision indirectly took her life less than a year later.

A memorial for Helen will be held tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Café Brazil in New Orleans. Her funeral will take place on Jan. 10 in South Carolina.

Condolences may be sent to Paul at:
Becky Lewis (Helen's mom)
1432 Medway Road
Columbia, SC 29205
(803) 343-2437

Rene Broussard will be caravanning to Columbia with a large number of her friends and fellow artists to attend the service. It is a 672 mile drive each way.

Helen screening a new film at FLICKER, 2003
» Last day for $5 NOLA-DVDs
Monday is the last day to buy "Hexing A Hurricane" DVDs for $5 and get them in time for Christmas! Orders go out via priority mail the same day they are shipped this week.

HEXING A HURRICANE - $5 per DVD (Holiday sale)
Also available for $5 at Metro Three - 2032 Magazine St - New Orleans
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» (No Subject)
Hello everyone... I've marked down "Hexing A Hurricane" DVDs for the Holidays as a way to "spread the New Orleans message" at Christmas-time.
They are just $5 now thru Dec 18 at www.ten18films.com

"Best American Documentary" Nominee-2006 Rome International Film Fest

"a wonderful documentary that needs to be watched by every single American" - bhouseofclassicmusic.spaces.live.com

"everyone, especially non-New Orleanians, should see this movie. It's the most accurate telling of what this whole Katrina experience has been like that I've seen." - missmalaprop.com
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» New Orleans TV pilot
Oct. 12th
"Casting agents are looking for people who want to appear in a New Orleans-based TV show pilot. They are looking for extras to be on the show "Bourbon Street." Crews are filming next week in New Orleans. The show revolves around the lives of various New Orleanians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Officials say everyone 18 and over is invited to audition. It is taking place this evening from 5 to 7 at 17-hundred Louisiana Avenue."

Saw this in local news, it's short notice, but thought it would be of interest.

Has anyone heard anything on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button lately?
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